Top Two Playoff Contenders: PAC-12 edition

The PAC-12 conference has very rarely made appearances in the college football playoffs, with only the Oregon Ducks in (2015) and Washington Huskies (2017) representing the conference so far. The playoffs started in 2015, and Oregon won their semifinal matchup against Florida State by a score of 59-20 in the Rose Bowl. The Ducks wouldContinue reading “Top Two Playoff Contenders: PAC-12 edition”

Two Non-Power 5 teams with a chance to make the college football playoffs

College Football has always been centered around the Power 5 conferences of the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, PAC-12, and the ACC. The teams in these conferences have been at the fore front of college football for quite some time now, especially the SEC, as they had four teams finish in the Top 10 thisContinue reading “Two Non-Power 5 teams with a chance to make the college football playoffs”

Florida Gators fans stay hopeful after promising 2020 season

Looking back on the 2020 season for the Florida Gators football team, it was certainly full of some bright moments, as well as some painful headaches. Whether it was watching the Kyle to Kyle connection, or seeing an LSU cleat fly 20 plus yards, there was certainly a feeling of excitement each time the GatorsContinue reading “Florida Gators fans stay hopeful after promising 2020 season”