About Simply Sports Takes

Simply Sports Takes is a continuation of a small Instagram account I previously used to discuss sports. In some of my older posts, you will see certain videos or pictures that reference the account. Everything from the account I previously wrote has been added to the website, and can be found under the Team News tab on the home page. Switching to a website and a new name is a very exciting step in my journey that I am looking forward to.

About the Writers

Owen Crisafulli

My name is Owen Crisafulli, and I’m currently a junior Sport Management major at Nichols College. Sports are my passion, and I thoroughly enjoy writing about my thoughts and opinions that are related to the game. I have been a lifelong fan of the major professional teams in Boston, so that is generally what I will write about. Occasionally I will write about different subjects around the major leagues, or just sports in general as well. Regardless of the topic, I hope you enjoy what I write, and feel free to leave feedback. (To check out Owen’s latest articles, click here.)

Ryan Whitley

Hi! I’m Ryan Whitley, a soon-to-be graduate of Loyola University Maryland who loves to talk and write about sports. No matter the league, sport, or story, I’ve got something to say about it. I’m a diehard fan of all of the major Boston sports teams, and follow the major leagues in the United States throughout the year. From game recaps to opinion pieces to articles looking towards the future of a team or league, I’ll cover it all here. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you enjoy! (To check our Ryan’s latest articles, click here.)

Nate Crisafulli

My name is Nate Crisafulli, and I’m currently a senior at Marlborough High School. Although I enjoy most sports, basketball and football are my two favorites to follow. I’m a diehard Boston Celtics and New England Patriots fan, and follow news from both of the leagues as well. I’ll usually be writing about any major news in either of those two leagues, as well as an occasional article about any one of the major Boston Sports teams. Hope you enjoy! (To check out Nate’s latest articles, click here.)

Bret Nascimento

My name is Bret Nascimento and I am a junior at Nichols College, where I study Sports Management and minor in Marketing. After I graduate, I plan on pursuing my master’s degree at Nichols in Business Administration. My plan is to be working within an NFL team’s player personnel area in the future, potentially even as general manager. I have a passion to learn and discussing sports and always have. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers fan along with a Celtics fan but follow all sports thoroughly. (To check out Bret’s latest articles, click here.)

Matt Skillings

My name is Matt Skillings and I am currently a senior at Marlborough High School. I am a huge fan of all sports and Boston sports teams in particular. I am an especially big fan of hockey and that will usually be what I write about here. I’ll be doing recaps of Bruins games and mostly writing about hockey. (To check out Matt’s latest articles, click here.)

Griffin Davies-Wocasek

My name is Griffin Davies-Wocasek and I am soon graduating from South Anchorage high school. I am 18 years old and love to be around the sports world anytime it’s possible. I am looking to be a sports journalist or reporter as my career path. I am a Pittsburgh Steelers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Pittsburgh Penguins, Ohio State, and Kansas Jayhawks fan. I hope to work in the NFL or MLB as a writer or pretty much anything in the sports industry. (To check out Griffin’s latest articles, click here.)

Lane Parks

My name is Lane Parks, and I am currently a Sport Management major at Nichols College. Sports have always been a central part of who I am as a person. I grew up in the heart of central Florida as a diehard Florida Gators and Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan. Football has been a passion of mine since I started playing at four years old. While I have hung up the cleats, the love for the game has not left. I hope you enjoy the site and the articles everyone posts! (To check out Lane’s latest articles, click here.)

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