Boston Bruins recent skid continues with back-to-back losses to the New Jersey Devils and New York Islanders

The Bruins have found themselves in a funk as of late, dropping 5 of their last 7 games, with the two most recent losses coming against the New Jersey Devils and the New York Islanders. Although 2 of these 5 losses have resulted in a point for the B’s, it’s still concerning to see them dropping games that they are competitive in. All of these games are coming against potential playoff foes, so moving forward it would be good to see the Bruins come away with some wins in these tight games.

Sunday night, the Bruins dropped a 1-0 loss to the Devils. Despite putting up 40 shots, the Bruins were left without a goal on the game. It was a relatively even game all the way until the Devils broke the 0-0 tie with less than 5 minutes left. There weren’t many takeaways from the game except that the Bruins need to be better at finding a way to score in tight, low-scoring games, and that for whatever reason, the New Jersey Devils have the Bruins number this year. 

As well as the Devils have played the B’s, the Islanders have been their kryptonite this season, and it was no different Tuesday night. In their last matchup, the Isles routed the Bruins 7-2 with an ugly effort coming from the B’s corner. The Bruins came out with a much better effort Tuesday and played well for the better part of the game. They played an especially strong second period, likely coming off of momentum they gained from a late first period goal from David Pastrnak. Despite being shut out in the period, the Bruins looked like they were finally playing well enough to hand the Isles their first loss in the season series. The Isles would end up striking back late in the third however, after a lackluster beginning to the period. After an action packed overtime period, the game would inevitably end in the third round of the shootout, with a final score of 2-1. 

It’s really disappointing to see the Bruins drop these 2 games. Close losses where the Bruins play well enough to win, especially against the first place Islanders, are a bad sign for a team with the lofty playoff aspirations this team should have. The Bruins have played well against other good teams, such as the Flyers, Penguins, and Capitals, who they are an astounding 9-0-2 against. The Islanders seem to just have the perfect storm of strengths that take out the Bruins ability to beat them. They have speed, grit, and good team defense, which are the basic ingredients to a winning team, but they have been especially evident against the B’s. 

The Bruins are coming up on the midway point of the season, and they are currently hanging onto the final playoff spot in the East by 1 point. They are going to have to win some of these close games that they’ve been dropping recently, or they may find themselves struggling to make the playoffs. It is crazy to think that the Bruins who were in first place not long ago at all could be out of a playoff spot, but it just goes to show how strong this division is. There is going to be one team left out of the playoffs that is certainly good enough to be in, and if the Bruins don’t want to be that team, they’re going to need to step up their game.

They will have the chance to make up some points coming up against the New York Rangers, who they have gone 3-1 against so far. It should be a good matchup for the B’s as they look to escape their slump.

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