Boston Celtics draft recap: Multiple shooters, no big man. What’s up next for the Celtics?

The Boston Celtics ended up standing pat and rolling into the draft with all four of their picks. While they used all four, they sent their 3rd pick (Desmond Bane) over to the Memphis Grizzlies for two future 2nd round picks, so only three new players arrived on the team.

After looking at the picks, it is blatantly obvious the Celtics viciously attacked their lack of scoring depth. Aaron Nesmith is arguably the best 3 point shooter in the draft, and should be able to carve out a spot in the rotation immediately. Payton Pritchard is another crafty guard who pretty much carried the Oregon offense during his time in college. And Yam Madar is an interesting developmental prospect who can be stashed overseas for the time being. Nesmith should be a lock, while Pritchard will compete against the likes of Romeo Langford and Tremont Waters for a spot in the NBA roster.

With the scoring heavily addressed, the lone area needing work is the center position. It was surprising given the surplus of picks that not one was used on a big man. But the Celtics still have a handful of trade assets, especially Gordon Hayward, who can allow for a deal to be made. Maybe a team was hesitant to see what they got in the draft, and are more comfortable shipping off spare pieces. Danny Ainge has to feel good about something in order to not draft a big man, and we will see if that theory is proved over time.

While it may not have been the fiery explosion of trades many wanted after all the rumors were floating around, the Celtics did a solid job of addressing one of their areas of need, while also not overspending to get what they want. This team still is in a fantastic spot to make a couple of moves to shape up the roster, or keep things in tact and roll with the team they’ve got. Either way it goes, when the season starts next month, the Celtics are in a good spot to continue to be contenders.

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