A quiet trade deadline leaves the Patriots with more questions than answers

The New England Patriots stayed relatively quiet at the trade deadline today, only making a small move with the Miami Dolphins to acquire Isaiah Ford in exchange for a late round draft pick. The main focal point was Stephon Gilmore, as it felt like an appropriate time for the two parties to move on. But when the Patriots desired package, of a first round pick and a player, leaked out it seemed unreasonable to expect anything to get completed today.

Gilmore has a relatively large contract, which can be more difficult to move during the season when teams have their salary caps fully devoted to their roster. The Patriots have made some interesting decisions, such as sending Jimmy Garappolo to the San Francisco 49ers for just a second round pick. The Patriots made certain they were going to get a bang for their buck if they got rid of Gilmore, which makes sense. They can probably bank on getting a more hefty haul over the off season, when teams have the cap freed up. But it’s certainly not a bad thing to keep him around for the remainder of the season since the desired deal didn’t come through.

So the Patriots move on with the squad at hand. Don’t expect much from Isaiah Ford given his limited use in a subpar Miami offense. The Patriots should have a gimme game on Monday night versus the New York Jets, although we were all saying the same thing before the Denver Broncos game. At 2-5 looking up at the 6-2 Buffalo Bills with 9 games to go, winning the division seems unreasonable. A wildcard berth is becoming increasingly unreasonable with each passing week. The offense showed some life towards the end of Sunday’s contest, but there were some huge areas of improvement needed, and nothing was done to help them.

It seems as if the Patriots are heading for a middling sub .500 season at this point, which is an aggravating position to say the least. The Patriots were expected to make a big move to declare themselves as sellers, but zigged when they were expected to rag. We will see if Bill Belichick has something up his sleeve soon, but it seems like we are heading for our first winter without playoff football in over 10 years.

(Originally posted on November 3, 2020)

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