Patriots raise many red flags in disastrous loss to the Broncos

The loss to the Kansas City Chiefs was OK, but this one is unacceptable. Regardless of how much they practiced, the New England Patriots are a better football team than the Denver Broncos. To be throwing games away against one of the easier teams on the schedule this year isn’t gonna work. There’s usually been a relatively large margin of error for the Patriots to operate with, but that doesn’t exist anymore.

For the most part, this was just an awful all around performance in all aspects of the game. The defense stepped up towards the end to give the offense a shot, but it was ultimately for nothing. Denver did have good starting field position on a couple of their field goals, but at some point you’d expect the defense to make a Drew Lock led offense punt sooner. They eventually just started stacking the box to stuff Phillip Lindsay, which helped coerce Lock into some poor throws for interceptions.

On the other hand, the offense was awful the entire game. Aside from a couple of plays that looked like they were inspired from The Yard on Madden, they had nothing to show for. I can’t comprehend why Josh McDaniels seems so reluctant to just let Cam Newton play. All these stupid screens and read option plays work when used sparingly, not once every drive. Newton can throw the football too, and they’ve gotta do a better job of getting him into a rhythm sooner rather than being forced to use him when trailing.

Part of the issue was the offensive line being decimated by injuries, but when they are blitzing six, you’ve gotta know you are getting 1-on-1 match ups all over the field. Pick one and let it fly, rather than taking a sack. A week of practice better be able solve the issues we saw today. It also would help to get some of the o-line back as well, but the San Francisco 49ers look like a vulnerable opponent, so we will see what happens.

(Originally posted on October 18, 2020)

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