Celtics throw away Game 2. Can they come back from down 2-0?

It’s quite funny actually. Moments after the Boston Celtics finished off the Toronto Raptors one of my initial thoughts were “the Celtics have faced more adversity than Miami so far. If we can get up 2-0 quick they might explode, and we can coast to the finals.” It appears the teams in that scenario were mixed up.

Another missed opportunity, blowing leads all throughout the game, this team is a mess right now. You’d expect this team to come out and dominate, and they did for a good portion. But once they see that lead diminish they panic on both ends and play like they have just recently picked up the sport. It’s an embarrassing effort, for a team that has worked so hard to get here seemingly throw it in the trash and light it on fire within a span of two games. Through two games it doesn’t appear this team has what it takes to close out teams. They barely did it versus the Toronto Raptors, and it’s beginning to look like they’ve met their match here in the Miami Heat.

I’m not even really sure where they go from here, especially after they had a postgame locker room meltdown. Obviously game 3 is now a must win, but what do you say as a coach to a team that has played better for most stretches but is down 2-0. They all seem lost quite honestly. Offensively they perform like they’ve never encountered a zone defense. Defensively they act like a pick and roll is a revolutionary new concept that they need time to plan for. It’s baffling quite honestly. This isn’t the Celtics team that I’ve been watching for the past season. They aren’t clicking and they chose the worst possible time to do so.

My hope remains that they find a way back and pull this out, but there’s just something that says it’s over. Multiple blown leads, poor play on both ends, tantrums thrown after games. It doesn’t add up to a championship team by my estimation. Maybe this pulls them together and they come out guns blazing and kill Miami next game, but after tonight’s performance that seems like a long shot. Gordon Hayward is the ultimate wildcard due to the unknown status of when he can return, but it feels like it’s game 3 or bust. Maybe he’s the missing piece of the puzzle.

All we know is the Celtics got dealt a massive blow in their championship hopes tonight. Champions step up and overcome adversity. The Celtics didn’t overcome it tonight. It feels like Saturday may be their last real chance to do so.

(Originally posted on September 17, 2020)

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