Celtics show signs of life, force a Game 6 vs the Heat

THAT’S BOSTON CELTICS BASKETBALL BABY!!! Huge win to keep the season alive tonight. After the first half it really seemed like this team was down and out, but they came out guns blazing there in the second half, and force a game 6.

Finally, this team looked like the Celtics. Everything clicked in the third, and carried over to the fourth. The offense loosened up and found their rhythm. They drove to the hoop with authority, and when it wasn’t there, they were able to knockdown some timely threes. Defensively, the Celtics allowed themselves to open the floor with transition buckets by tightening up defensively. Making the extra effort to get a hand in the face of a shooter, and making sure they stayed in front of the ball handler, especially off the pick and roll, were huge in making big stops. All around fantastic effort.

It feels like the Celtics have had multiple “biggest games of their lives” moments this postseason. They are about to have another one on Sunday. The Celtics mentality absolutely has to be that they accomplished nothing in the grand scheme of things, in order to allow them to come out with the intensity they brought in the second half tonight. The Celtics know they can beat this team now, even when they face adversity as they did early on. If they allow themselves to become complacent, they are screwed. Forcing Game 6 is a big deal, but forcing Game 7 is bigger. All they have to do is win Sunday night. It’s still unlikely, but that glimmer of hope got a little brighter tonight. Let’s see if they can make it brighter on Sunday.

Season on the line at 7:30 on Sunday. Nothings been accomplished yet.

(Originally posted on September 25, 2020)

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