Bruins lose Game 4, and most likely the series, to the Tampa Bay Lightning

Series over. They just should just leave now and not even waste our time on Monday. Jaroslav Halak must be playing with a broken glove because there’s no reason a professional goalie shouldn’t make some of these saves. The defense is just awful at everything, whether it’s getting the puck out of their zone of making meaningful offensive contributions, no one has done anything. Zdeno Chara is absolutely useless and needs to just retire, there’s no reason to waste 20 minutes a game watching him get sped past by the other teams wingers. And of course the attackers can’t figure out how to get pucks in the net. David Pastrnak missing a wide open net pretty much sums up this series. The Boston Bruins aren’t on the same level as the Tampa Bay Lightning, and they’ve got to get some good young players if they want to get another ring before the vets retire. It won’t happen this year that’s for sure.

(Originally posted on August 29, 2020)

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