Boston Sports Roundup: 8/17/20

A great playoff double header tonight in Boston.

Aside from a rough end to the 3rd quarter the Celtics had a great performance tonight. The 76ers managed to make some tough shots to stay close throughout, but overall the defensive intensity was there throughout. They did allow the 76ers to maintain the pace of the game at times, but that will come over time throughout the playoffs. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown both took turns carrying the offensive load, while Kemba Walker and Gordon Hayward complemented them well. Look for some better shooting from Kemba next game, and hopefully Hayward’s injury won’t keep him out long.

As for the Boston Bruins, this was a remarkable turn around in a short period of time. 4 goals scored in 6 minutes 51 seconds in the third not only flipped the game, but series on its head. It’s tough to come back from a demoralizing defeat like that; and to do it three more times increases the difficulty. But what the Bruins pulled off is extremely impressive. Picking up two wins in succession after their top goalie departs the bubble, combined with the absence of David Pastrnak, is tough to do. The lines are struggling to find some chemistry with him out, but once he returns they are really going to be dangerous. The second line also came alive tonight with two goals from Jake DeBrusk, the second of which was particularly great. Overall, a really great comeback, and hopefully they can close it out on Wednesday and move onto the next round.

(Originally posted on August 17, 2020)

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