Patriots sign Cam Newton to a 1 year deal. Why this is a win-win for the Pats.

When I first heard that Cam Newton was getting signed I wasn’t really happy with it. When was the last time he was fully healthy? He also often comes across as a locker room diva, which is something that the New England Patriots have never tolerated. But, he’s signed on a minimum deal with incentives, so there’s relatively little risk here. People continue to hype up his MVP level season or whatever but that was over 5 years ago. If he’s a competent QB who can do what it takes to win close games this deal will look like a steal. If healthy, he can add a new dimension to the offense with his ability to run, which is something we desperately needed after losing some big weapons offensively.

If Newton wins the starting job and is able to stay healthy, the offensive game plan would open up a lot more then it would with Stidham under center. After getting crushed by zone reads and motion plays by teams like the Baltimore Ravens, you know Bill Belichick has been figuring out a plan to make that offense work. Newton is an accurate passer of the short ball, and having one of the best route runners with Julian Edelman would definitely be a help in these situations. Obviously Newton has to stay healthy and win the job, but assuming he’s able to do so, the offense looks more promising with him under center.

(Originally posted on June 29, 2020)

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