Mookie Betts signs 12 year extension with Dodgers. Could Red Sox have made a similar offer?

At first when this deal was reportedly 13 years $380 million, Boston Red Sox fans had reason to be pretty upset. Our highest offer was around 10 years $300 million so the fact that all it took was around $26 million a year for a couple more years was upsetting, especially considering the fact there’s no true salary cap. However, the actual deal is an easier pill to swallow, as that becomes an extra $33 million per year tacked on. All contracts in baseball are absurd quite frankly, but to tack on what is slated to be $65 million more for production from his age 38 and 39 seasons is stupid. It would be stupid for $26 million over those last three years as well but it would be an easier deal to make.

Long term contracts look great at the beginning, but look no further than Dustin Pedroia to see what can happen. The Los Angeles Dodgers win today, but there’s a good chance that if this deal sees its way through Mookie Betts will not produce anywhere near the level of production required to make this amount of dough. I haven’t read through the details of the contract, in regards to opt outs, player or team options, trade clauses, etc. but it seems unlikely this deal will see it’s way through. There’s also a chance that he could just get cut if he’s on his last leg at the end, but that would pretty much be dropping an atomic bomb on the Dodgers salary cap. With the 60 game season officially kicking off tomorrow (not for the Red Sox though) I’ll write down my thoughts on what they can do, but I’ll say right now if the Dodgers don’t win the World Series this year then they may be cursed.

(Originally posted on July 22, 2020)

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