MLB develops plan for 60 game season. How could this impact the game?

A 60 game season is going to be an interesting experiment for the MLB. For a sport that gets ragged for taking to long and lasts for the better part of 6 months, it should be exciting to see how this unfolds. People could hit .400 and have an era under 1, which seems pretty wild.

Another thing baseball had with a 60 game season is going to be absolute unpredictability. Whereas NHL and NBA have playoffs almost entirely set up, this is going to be a 60 game dead sprint for every team. When you wipe out over 100 games of a season and every single team is tied for first and last place, things are going to happen that people aren’t going to expect. To put this in perspective, had there been a 60 game season last year, the Washington Nationals wouldn’t have won the World Series because they wouldn’t have even made the playoffs. It could lead to the possibility of an “undeserving” team going on a tear and winning it all, which is a concern in most other restarting sports too. That argument is stupid, especially when it comes to playoffs, and you will regularly have to beat your opponent to prove you are better. Either way, hopefully this stays on course and we get a little bit of baseball this summer.

(Originally posted on June 23, 2020)

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