Chiefs lock up Mahomes for 10 years, $503 million. Is he worth it?

I’ll take a second to talk about the Patrick Mahomes deal because this is groundbreaking for all sports. 10 years $503 million is just insane to think about, especially in a league with a salary cap. Mike Trout got $475 million from the Los Angeles Angels in a league without a salary cap stretched out over 12 years. And Mahomes has also only been in the league for two years. It puts the Kansas City Chiefs in a fascinating position of having to deal with a severely limited cap situation, even with the best QB in the game. Everyone needs help at some point, and there will be times where this deal will look stupid.

But Mahomes may be worth it. Finding a generational QB talent is extraordinarily rare. Securing talent at the most difficult position in maybe all of sports is vital to a teams success. Despite the limited track record, barring unforeseen insanity, you can generally count on the Chiefs to be a threat with Mahomes on the field. The cap will continue to raise throughout the years of the deal, which will make it easier to bring in help as he ages and possibly declines. There are so many aspects of the deal that are just mind boggling, such as how the Chiefs managed to get this done, and how even if he gets seriously injured Mahomes will still get over $100 million regardless. Time will tell, but it looks like the AFC just got its new long term threat.

(Originally posted on July 6, 2020)

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