With one month of sports down, how many more could there be?

Happy one month anniversary of no sports. It’s crazy to think this could be the first of many without literally any sports whatsoever. The MLB has a contingency plan to try to restart play in May, but to what extent that would be, or even if it would work, is still really up in the air.

Everyone has been affected by this in a different way, whether you actually get sick from the virus or from the nationwide lock down. On a personal note for me, I’d say I have about a 25% chance of being able to work the New England Revolution this summer, which stinks. There’s a good chance that the majority of the MLS season will get canceled, if not the entire thing. I would hope that I would be able to do some work for them in the future if the internship gets canceled but I don’t really know what would happen if it gets to that point. I hope that everything can go back to normal shortly because I’m getting sick of looking at Nathan and Thomas ugly faces.

(Originally posted on April 11, 2020)

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