What type of impact could the Corona virus have on sports?

The way the corona virus issue is affecting sports is kind of interesting. Playing games without spectators is almost unprecedented nowadays, so it will certainly be weird seeing games played in empty stadiums. Nobody is sure how long this will go on, many places seem set on trying this out until April and then taking the next step. If it goes on longer than that, this could become an issue to follow, especially with NBA and NHL playoffs creeping up soon.

The reason this is a big deal, aside from the possibility of getting sick, is that this will cause massive revenue losses throughout these sports, and the longer it goes on the worse it will become. There’s only so long that these sports could go without having fans be at the stadiums before they collapse. There’s realistically no way it would get to that point. Obviously the games will still be broadcast, but a large section of revenue for sports teams comes from selling tickets to games, and then concessions and merchandise at the games. Hopefully this situation settles down soon so I can go watch the Celtics win the finals in person.

(Originally posted on March 10, 2020)

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