Tom Brady open to new home? Time for the Patriots to make their move.

First post for a big issue. This is crunch time for whether or not Tom Brady will return. Apparently they are waiting for the new Collective Bargaining Agreement to get approved before they start negotiations but if that doesn’t happen within the next week they’ve gotta get going.

If it reaches a point where they feel like Brady won’t return, they’ve gotta try to get creative with managing the cap. Retaining the defense is the priority at that point. Releasing him before the new league year in order to avoid a 13.5 million cap hit could be a possibility, but I don’t know what the whole cap situation would be there, or how much money would be saved.

If Brady leaves, my hope is he goes to the Oakland Raiders. That will leave the Raiders with a competent Derek Carr as their backup, meaning the Raiders will be looking to dump him most likely. The Pats could trade a pick for him and have him be the bridge. Carr is only a few years removed from leading the Raiders to a double digit win season. He should be competent, and if not he’s at worst a bridge QB who holds down the fort until the next one comes in. This is very far down the line and extremely unlikely to happen, but something has gotta happen soon.

(Originally posted February 27, 2020)

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