Patriots trade Gronkowski to the Bucs. Why the deal should be seen as a win.

The Patriots traded Rob Gronkowski to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for a fourth round pick today. Realistically speaking, there’s no reason for people to be losing their minds over this considering the fact that Gronk didn’t play for us last year and wasn’t going to play for us this year either. It stinks that’s he’s gone now, but remember he also threatened to retire rather than not play with Tom Brady when he was almost traded to the Detroit Lions in 2018. This seems like him just wanting to play with Brady rather than him hating Bill Belichick, even though he only began to contemplate a comeback once Brady left.

Despite others complaining about the deal, I’m completely fine with how this turned out. There wasn’t really much Belichick could do once Gronk requested a trade, specifically to Tampa as well. Grabbing a fourth round pick from this is better than the alternative, which was nothing. Getting a pick for a player who wasn’t going to play a down of football should be considered somewhat of a victory. Hopefully Belichick can put it to good use.

(Originally posted on April 22, 2020)

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