Patriots place the franchise tag on Joe Thuney. Update on Brady return.

The Patriots placed their franchise tag on Joe Thuney today. It is another big move, and one that many Patriots fan werenot expecting at all. It probably isn’t a good sign for the return of Tom Brady, but Bill Belichick seems to be trying to be proactive in free agency regardless of whether Brady returns or not. Many assumed that once Brady chose wear to go, everything else would fall in place, but the semi-aggressive moves to start free-agency show Belichick wants to control the future of this team.

At this point, it’s fair to assume Tom Brady isn’t coming back. Thuney hasn’t signed anything yet, but between him, Slater, and McCourty, that takes up a pretty god chunk of the cap already. I don’t know the specifics on the details of the deals (how much is allotted to each year) or the cap, but it seems like they will have around 10-15 million to play with to try to lure Brady back. If it’s about money for Brady, then its a forgone conclusion that he isn’t coming back. But his market has certainly dried up over the past 48 hours, and he hasn’t signed anywhere else yet, so we will see what happens. Look for the Brady decision to happen a few days down the line, but don’t expect him to be our starting quarterback next season.

(Originally posted on March 16, 2020)

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