Patriots draft recap: Why it feels like the Patriots are heading in the wrong direction

Thoughts on the Patriots draft.

Overall I’m not thrilled with how this went. It feels like we just went for acquiring depth instead of players who can be put in right away. Many of the glaring issues with this team still remain the same, which stinks because as a somewhat rebuilding team the draft is where you make your money.

The main concern with this is the handling of the first two rounds. Trading out of the first round felt forced based on what we needed and what was available. Seeing the Los Angeles Chargers draft a linebacker with the pick added to the damage. There were quite a few different avenues that could have been explored in using the pick, but it just feels wasteful.

To compound that issue, the Patriots didn’t even get the guy they were going for when the made that trade. It seemed pretty obvious once the Pats picked a safety that they were targeting Xavier McKinley, only for him to get picked right before us by the New York Giants. They then panicked and selected a safety who has quite a similar play style to Adrian Phillips. One of the deepest areas on the team didn’t really need this honestly, and the way it played out really put a damper on the draft for most Pats fans from the start.

After that debacle the middle rounds went pretty well. Aside from an awful trade by Bill Belichick with the New York Jets, which essentially boiled down to us giving away a third rounder for a fourth rounder, just to double dip on the tight end position and draft a player who was projected to get picked up on day 3. Drafting a kicker in the 5th round also felt a bit premature as you can really take a shot on that one whenever.

A first look at what this draft yields is kind of disappointing. Patriots fans went in hoping the draft would fill the pressing needs of the team, not provide depth to them. We still lack offensive play makers and another quarterback would be nice. It felt like a draft from a team that came off a successful season and was hoping to build off it, but at this stage that’s not where the Patriots are at.

(Originally posted on April 25, 2020)

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