Patriots draft preview: What positions should the Patriots look to fill in the draft?

Well we haven’t really had to focus too much on the draft because the Patriots have been perennially successful, and there have been other sports to watch. Since both of those are out of the window, it seems like a good time to discuss the possible avenues the Patriots could take.

The Patriots are in a unique situation with picks, as they have 1 in the first round, 0 in the second, and 3 in the third. A lot of people are hyping up the Pats to trade up for a QB, but it’s unknown whether they have the assets to pull off something like that last now, unless they unload a good amount of their future picks. Bill Belichick always prefers to move down and maneuver around on draft day, and even without Tom Brady in the fold it would be surprising if they made a big move up the board in the first round.

Drafting a QB in the first round may not even be in the picture. A more likely selection would be a linebacker to play aside Dont’a Hightower or a tight end to fill that position. Moving later into the draft, the scenario that makes the most sense would be packaging two of the third round picks to move into the second to grab a QB. The Pats will draft a QB at some point during this draft, it’s just a matter of which round, and how they go about getting them.

Another thing that won’t happen is the first pick won’t be used on a receiver. They used it on N’keal Harry last year and he still really is a rookie, as he didn’t really play down the stretch once he came back. Harry and Jarrett Stidham had a good connection in the preseason, and it would be nice to see if that could carry over to the regular season. You could see the Pats use one of the third rounders on a receiver, or even double down on tight ends, just to give whoever is throwing passes another target. This draft is going to be a huge part of whether or not this team can continue winning in the future, so it’s important they pick wisely here.

(Originally posted on April 17, 2020)

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