Brady signs with Tampa Bay. Could the Patriots have made a similar offer?

Tom Brady signed a two year $50 million contract today with the Tampa Bat Buccaneers. The fact that Tampa Bay signed him for this amount is a tough pill to swallow. The Pats definitely could have offered this to him instead of franchising Joe Thuney, Bill Belichick stops for no one and paying $25 million a year for a 43 year old QB isn’t how he works.

A lot of stuff about this deal is intriguing, because it’s kind of unprecedented territory for Pats fans. The Patriots have always been trying to make moves to get a Super Bowl, but now it’s to try to piece together a possible playoff team, especially with all the other pieces that have been lost. If Belichick has ever had to have a good draft, this is that draft.

It will also be interesting to see who “wins” this deal out of Brady and Belichick. It’s a huge risk on both sides, but Brady is inheriting some shiny weapons and an underrated defense which should help him settle in quickly. And Belichick has a lot of the core pieces of the best defense in the league last year. The secondary is pretty much the same, and Belichick can piece together a front 7 like no one else. It may be a biased view, but it feels quick to say the Bucs are going to be better than the Patriots. The NFC South is a lot stronger than the AFC East, as the New Orleans Saints are probably a better team right now, and the Atlanta Falcons are retooling as well. People who are saying the Bucs are Super Bowl favorites are also insane. They may not even be the best team in their division right now.

As for who takes snaps for us next year, it still feels like Stidham. There aren’t a lot of very good options around. There have been rumblings about a possible Newton trade, but they shouldn’t give up too much to get him if that’s the case, especially with his off field belly aching too. Anticipate either a draft pick getting used on a qb, or a low scale veteran gets signed for some training camp competition.

(Originally posted on March 20, 2020)

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