Boston Sports Roundup: 3/3/20

Touching a few subjects here tonight.

NBA officiating is awful. For those of you who didn’t see the call that lost the Celtics tonight’s game swipe right. Inexplicable call with the game on the line. And above all, it’s not even a foul, Marcus Smart actually blocked the shot. Ridiculous. The Celtics need to get healthy if they wanna have a shot. Running out G League line ups in overtime is awful and it just shows that we need more scoring off the bench. Hopefully the Toronto Raptors lose tonight as well so we will stay half a game back.

It looks like the Red Sox pitching situation is going to go from bad to worse now with Chris Sale needing an MRI. This contract looks worse and worse with each passing day. If he’s out for the foreseeable future we need at least one more starter. Getting by with four and an opener was an OK idea at best but doing it with three is impossible, especially when the best starter is Eduardo Rodriguez. And they aren’t pitching especially well in spring training either to help the situation.

For good news, the Bruins got a huge win against the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. The biggest reason many Bruins fans were upset with last year’s Stanley Cup loss was because their path to get there was marginally easier than it should have been, with the Lightning and Washington Capitals getting bounced early, plus us sneaking by the Toronto Maple Leafs early on. To get back this year it will be much more difficult. But David Pastrnak has developed into a superstar, with Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron complimenting him perfectly. The second line got the upgrade it needs with Ondrej Kase, and the depth can perform when it has to. This win reassures that the defense can still perform at a top tier level as well, and so can Tuuka Rask. Everything has to fall in place for them to make a run back to back seasons, but I certainly wouldn’t put it past them to do it.

(Originally posted March 3, 2020)

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