Boston Celtics blow 17 point lead, can’t close out Houston Rockets in OT thriller

Thank God we aren’t in the same conference as the Houston Rockets they are the most irritating team to watch play basketball. The Celtics blew it tonight they were up 17 and had a chance to move into a tie for the #2 seed with the Toronto Raptors. There’s still a lot of basketball left but this was a big missed opportunity.

The biggest takeaway from this game is how much this team still needs Kemba Walker. Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have grown a lot this year but can be inconsistent, and tonight is another game where it felt like if he was on the court the outcome may have been different. Having Walker also impacts the bench’s productivity, which is essentially nothing in terms of scoring output, by having Marcus Smart come off the bench. In a perfect world where the Celtics stay healthy throughout the playoffs their depth should not be an issue, but it would have been nice to see another scorer off the bench added at the trade deadline, just to take some of the pressure off of the starting five.

It’s also important to note that this was not what the Celtics will play like every night. They were sluggish in the second half on the glass and missed a lot of good perimeter looks, especially late in the game. The overtime offense of giving Tatum the ball isolated against PJ Tucker was lazy. This won’t happen every night, it just stinks it happened tonight.
The overarching positive is that it looks like this team can stick with any team regardless of how they play on a certain night, and that should help them out throughout the rest of the season. (Brown’s 3 to send it to OT was awesome so I put it here anyways)

(Originally posted February 29, 2020)

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